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The Future

The management of Associated Timber Services recognised a few years ago the importance of environmental issues and the need to take this in hand. It fully believes in promoting and encouraging the environmental process and the need for full control as the only way forward.

Customers want and need the assurance that the company is doing its utmost to promote sustainable and environmental issues and is continuously looking to improve.

Associated Timber Services believe it has made an outstanding advance within this scope and in summary has invested in the future by its increase in efficiency and customer fulfilment, has made a significant reduction in the company’s waste by the investment in high-tech equipment and more recently virtually eliminated this waste by Spring 2011. This project costing some £1.5 million has increased the kilning capacity from 3000m3 to 9000m3 annually. The 750KW Biomass boiler was designed and project managed by Sustainable Energy, one of the leading independent advisors to the Biomass Industry. The system was up and running on full capacity on 1st July 2011. The fuel is chipped hardwoods that the sawmill produces via its sawmilling and machining process. The savings are a zero oil input as opposed to 350,000 litres per annum that was before. Any excess waste is sold to the local biomass market. The elimination of the oil usage will also contribute considerably to reducing its carbon footprint.

An upbeat business, the company is clearly progressing but still maintains old fashioned core traditional business values and further enhancing its reputation for quality and care to the industry by utilising state of the art solutions. Where else can you purchase one piece or a full arctic load, using the hands on process of fully trained yard staff and expertise, with central distribution and delivery to anywhere in the country?

At a time when protection of the environment and sustainability are ever more crucial and with timber being an outstanding renewable material, being competitive now in this expanding market is essential to being a frontrunner in the years ahead.