European Maple: Acer campestre

We supply European Maple, English Maple, Welsh Maple and Scottish Maple.


European maple occurs naturally throughout Europe and the British Isles, it’s natural range extends into Asia Minor and Russia.


Maple timber is creamy white in colour when first felled. This matures to a light tan tone when moe mature. The woods grain is generally straight however, it is not uncommon for there to be a wave or a curl. Weight 690 kg/m3; specific gravity .69.


Maple timber has medium bending and crushing strength, with low stiffness and resistance to shock loads. The material is compatible with steam bending processes.


Dries slowly, but is inclined to stain. If the intention is to retain the fresh felled cream colour then the timber should be kiln dried fairly rapidly. There is small movement in service.


Maple is easily worked with both hand and machine tools. A reduced cutting angle should be used when planing wavy grained stock. Nailing may need pre-boring, Maple timber will glue and stain well. Polishes and varnishes bring out a beautiful finish.


The heartwood is non-durable., and resistant to preservative treatrments. The sapwood is permeable but is subject to attack by the common furniture beetle.


Maple timber is an excellent turnery wood, it’s also used for furniture and joinery work.  Maple can also be chemically treated to produce harewood with a silver-grey colour, this is often used a s a veneer. European maple is regarded as rare, it is grown as isolated trees within forest.