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Oak - American White

American White Oak: Quercus alba


Native throughout Eastern USA and South Eastern Canada


White Oak varies in colour from pale yellow-brown to biscuit with shades of pink, similar to European Oak. The grain is straight, with a characteristic sliver grain on the quartered cut. Average weight 760kg /m3; specific gravity .76.


White oak has medium bending and crushing strengths, with low stiffness. This makes it excellent steam bending material.


White oak dries slowly, it is liable to split, check and honeycomb. The timber needs care when air-drying or kiln drying. There is medium movement in service.


White oaks workability varies with growth rates. Slow grown timber is much easier to work with hand and machine tools. Pre-boring is recommended when nailing. Gluing properties vary, the timber stains and varnishes well to produce a good finish.


White oak heartwood is durable and extremely resistant to preservative treatments.


White oak is suited to cabinet and furniture making, joinery and heavy construction