Poplar (Tulipwood): Populus nigra

We supply European Poplar, English Poplar, Welsh Poplar and Scottish Poplar.


Poplar is native throughout Europe and the British Isles.


Poplar heartwood is usually a creamy white to grey colour. Occasionally there will be hints of very pale brown or a pinkish hue. It is generally straight grained with a fine and even texture, it does have a tendency to be woolly. Poplar is identical to American tulipwood. Average weight 450kg/m3; specific gravity .45.


Polar timber has very low stiffness and resistance to shock loads. Medium crushing strength and low bending strength. The wood has a poor steam bending classification.


Dries rapidly, and well, although moisture retained in knots may cause slight splitting. There is medium movement in service.


As Poplars can be woolly, sharp, thin cutting edges are required to produce a good finish. Nails and glues well, but staining can produce patchy results. The surface will take varnish, polish and paint well.


Poplar timber is perishable and liable to insect attack. The sapwood which represents the largest proportion of the timber is permeable to preservative treatment.


Poplars tough, non-splitting nature means it is suitable for rough uses such as furniture framing, interior joinery and flooring.