Sipo (Utile): Entandrophragma utile


Sipo is native throughout West and East Africa.


Sipo heartwood matures from pink-brown when fresh cut to a deep red-brown. The grain varies from interlocked to irregular, this produces a wide range of irregular striped figures on the quartered surfaces. Average weight 660kg/m3; specific gravity .66.


Sipo is a high density wood with high crushing strength, medium bending strength, and low stiffness and resistance to shock loads. The timber buckles severely when steam bent.


Sipo wood dries quickly and is liable to twist. If allowed to dry slowly the degrade can be avoided. There is medium movement in service.


Sipo works well with hand and machine tools. A reduced cutting angle will prevent tearing on the interlocking grain. The timber nails, screws and stains well.


Sipo is durable, the heartwood and the sapwood are extremely resistant to preservative treatment and resistant to decay.


Sipo wood is used for cabinet making, furniture building, high class exterior and interior joinery.