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Southern Yellow Pine

Yellow Pine: Pinus strobus


Yellow pine is native to Eastern Canada and USA.


The heartwood colour of Yellow pine varies from pale straw to a light reddish-brown. Though not as resinous as other pine species resin duct still appear on longitudinal surfaces as fine brown lines. This timber is soft, with a straight grain and even texture with inconspicuous growth rings. Average weight 390kg/m3;specifc gravity .39.


Yellow pine is light, soft and weak in all strength properties, it is not suitable for steam bending.


Yellow pine dries quickly with little to no degrade, with low shrinkage. There is very small movement in service.


Yellow pines soft characteristics make it easy to work with hand and machine tools, with little dulling effect on the tools. It is easily nailed, screwed and glued, and takes stain, paint and polish well.


Yellow pine is non-durable and insect damage may be present. The timber present moderate resistance to preservative treatment, however the sapwood is permeable.


Yellow pine is the most valuable soft wood material in North America. It used extensively in pattern making, carving, high class joinery and general carpentry. It is ideal for boat building, light and medium construction and selected logs may be used for veneers.