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Sycamore Rippled

Sycamore Rippled

We supply European Sycamore, English Sycamore, Welsh Sycamore, Irish Sycamore and Scottish Sycamore.


The Sycamore is native throughout Europe and Western Asia. Introduced to the British Isles in the 16th century it now grows extensively throughout the UK.


Sycamore timber is creamy white to white with a natural lustre. Generally it has a straight grain although it can be wavy or curly which produces an attractive finish when quartered. The texture of Sycamore is fine and even. Average weight 610kg/m3; specific gravity .61.


Sycamore is of medium density, with medium bending and crushing strengths, it has low resistance to shock loads and very low stiffness. It also has a very good steam bending classification.


Sycamore air dries well but can stain, very rapid surface drying will prevent this. When kiln drying a low temperature is best. Rapid drying preserves the white colour, slower drying techniques produce a pinky-brown colour. There is medium movement in service.


Sycamore works easily with hand and machine tools. Nails, glues, stains and polishes excellently.


Sycamore is perishable, though the timber is permeable to preservative treatments.


Sycamore has a range of domestic uses and is commonly used as a decorative veneer.