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Walnut American Black

American Walnut: Juglans nigra


This species of Walnut is native throughout the Eastern United States and localised around Ontario Canada.


American Walnut heartwood is a rich dark brown to purple-black colour. The timber is mostly straight grained, however wavy or curly grains are not uncommon. The wood texture is quite coarse. Average weight 640 kg/m3; specific gravity .64.


American walnut is a medium density timber, it is tough and hard, with moderate bending and crushing strengths and low stiffness. It has good a steam bending classification.


American walnut dries rather slowly, with a tendency to honeycomb, the drying process should be carefully monitored to avoid degradation and checking. There is small movement in service.


American walnut is easily worked by both hand and machine tools. It holds nails, screws and glue well, and holds polishes and varnishes to a high finish.


American Walnut is very durable. The heartwood is very resistant to preservative treatments and biodegradation.


In the USA American Walnut is the standard timber for rifle butts and gunstocks. It is used for high quality furniture, interior joinery, boat building turnery and carving.