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Walnut European

European Walnut: Juglans regia.

We supply European Walnut, English Walnut, Welsh Walnut, Irish Walnut, and Scottish Walnut.


European Walnut is native throughout mainland Europe, the British Isles, Asia Minor and South West Asia.


The colour of European Walnut heartwood varies according to origin. It is generally a grey-brown with darker waves of smokey brown.  The grain is straight to wavy, and the timber has a coarse texture. Average weight 640 kg/m3; specific gravity .64.


European walnut has medium bending strength and resistance to shock loads, it has high crushing strength and low stiffness, these qualities make it good steam bending material.


European walnut dries slowly, but well. Speeding up with drying process is not recommended as the timber has a tendency to honeycomb and check. There is medium movement in service.


European walnut works well with hand and machine tools. It nails, screw and glues well. Finishing treatments produce a high quality finish.


European walnut is only moderately durable, the sapwood and logs are susceptible to attack from wood boring beetles. The heartwood is resistant to preservative treatments, but the sapwood is permeable.


European walnut is a beautiful wood that is often used in high quality furniture  making. It’s unique figuring makes it an excellent material for turnery and carving. Most European Walnut is sprayed, this evens the light sapwood to blend with the darker heartwood, polishing is used to create a balance.